I have studied Jeet Kune Do with Dr. Z for over 3 months. I met him through a friend of mine who highly recommended Dr. Z. I knew almost nothing of JKD except that the late Bruce Lee had founded it.

As I began the class I noticed that JKD was different from any martial art I’ve seen before. Dr. Z explained to me that 80 percent of JKD’s fighting weapon is the lead punch and the lead leg. I asked why this was and he told me that JKD emphasized intercepting fist techniques. To be able to beat your attackers punch your counter-attack must be faster and travel the least distance possible. JKD’s straight blast is one such counter-attack. JKD has given me a new confidence in my physical skill as a fighter, not only in the ring, but also in my every day life. Many martial arts have to be adapted to be used in self defense, but Dr. Z teaches many techniques that are very effective in all circumstances.

The physical aspects of JKD is not the only reason this martial art is right for me. The philosophies of Bruce Lee and Dr. Z have given me a new aspect on life. I have never seen an instructor as didicated to his student’s development in the martial arts as Dr. Z. Even during my first classes Dr. Z took me under his wing and enlightened me to every thing JKD. The senior students of Dr. Z have also influenced my development. They never hesitated to make sure my form and techniques were correct.

I would recommend Jeet Kune Do to any one looking to study a martial art that is effective in all aspects. Dr. Z gives his students an unmatched dedication. I do not think there is anything I can do to repay him for what he has taught me.

Brandon Kissinger
Green Sash .