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  • Trapping and Sensitivity Drills
  • Intercepting Fist/Kick Drills
  • Chinese Philosophy and Medicine


  • Authentic JKD Training
  • Martial Arts and Cinematic Choreography
  • Sports Medicine
  • Personalized Instruction


  • 28 years experience in Kung Fu
  • Former NCAA Boxing Champion
  • Certified Jeet Kune Do Instructor (since 1990)


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-SSS for JKD-


For Jeet Kune Do Instructors

On July 20, 1973. Our founder Bruce Lee Jun Fan passed away. His legacy lives on, and today his art of Jeet Kune Do is known throughout the world. But has his dream been fulfilled? Has JKD reached new heights?

JKD today does not have the recognition it deserves. In fact, it has created confusions externally and countless infighting internally. Today, whoever carries Bruce Lee’s name will face challenges, disapproval and disruptions, regardless if you are part of his family, friends or followers.

The art needs unification.

Our organization calls for the unification of all those instructors/practitioners by having them come forward and work together, to clearly define our goals, to catch up to where the founder left off, and continue beyond.

SOLIDIFY – Unification of the definition and the training of Intercepting, follow the meaning of “to jeet”.

SUPPORT – Identifying internal and external issues/problems, providing information, suggestions and mutual cooperation.

SOLUTION – problem solving, finding alternatives, going beyond with final implementation.

Bruce Lee was also made famous from his cinematic quest. His movies, we could say, were “Jeet Kune Do Movies”; in each and every one of his movies, he was teaching us Jeet Kune Do. However, almost 50 years later, aside from the films starring Brandon and Shannon, his heirs, the lineage of Jeet Kune Do themed movies have come to a standstill. The Jeet Kune Do movies however, paved the way for other martial arts films to enter the market, while his own cinematic creations would soon be forgotten. Ironically, the persons that took advantage of this were Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. Both individuals did attain stardom from being non-Jeet Kune Do practitioners. Aside from them, many other martial artists followed, even classical practitioners, to promote their Kung Fu movies, Tae Kwon Do movies, Wushu movies, Kickboxing movies, MMA movies; everything but, the original Jeet Kune Do movies. While others today are pushing for Ip Man 6, we are hardly talking about Bruce Lee II.

Our mission is simple – to continue to perpetuate “Jeet”, meaning Jeet Kune Do, forward and to continue on with Lee’s cinematic quest.

We are as strong as our weakest link. Let’s band together, with S-S-S. To “ Solidify, Support and Solve”.

If you are a JKD instructor, please join our Facebook group SSS-JKD


Should you go to film school? Do you want to break into Hollywood? Do you want to be a talent? a producer? or a director? If you’re going into film-making or looking for film-making courses to get yourself on the road to Hollywood, but you are not sure where to go, THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO START!
This course will cut to the chase and teach you in only 2 days, how to produce and distribute an independent film in the mecca of film-making.

Some information about Dr. Z, co-founder of Reel Asian Films ®. Dr. Z, an award-winning filmmaker and feature film producer, hailed as the DVD’s new martial hero of 2005. (Martial Medicine Man, Combat Mortal, The American Dream, Chasing the dragon…..) attended the UCLA film school in the 90’s has personally starred in, written, produced & directed 13 features. The Genres range from action, martial arts, drama, foreign, comedy and thrillers.

Dr. Z has also authored the DVD series, “Dr. Z film school crash course” He has shared his experiences lecturing on campuses, martial arts conventions and film academies.

2 DAYS FILM SCHOOL, with concise information on:

INDEPENDENT FILM-MAKING: breaking into Hollywood, knowing the who’s whose.

PRE-PRODUCTION: registering your idea, copyrights, pitching, packaging, budgeting.

PRODUCTION: hiring professionals, auditions, unions, star powers, assembling the team, shooting on schedule and on budget.

POST PRODUCTION: editing, ADR, music, prescreening, publicity, film rights, selling to studios, distribution deals, press kits, social media, reviews.

This 2 DAYS FILM SCHOOL crash course by Dr. Z shall take place at the Martial Arts History Museum. Featuring the concise and essential steps in independent film production. It is a must for all aspiring filmmakers.

Address: Martial Arts History Museum(bold)
2319 W Magnolia Blvd · Burbank, CA

Please Stay Tuned For Future Dates

For additional info, request to: info@reelasianfilms.com

Registrants will receive the following:
1)The film makers starter’s kit
2)Talents and stunts are eligible to sit for the audition of Dr. Z’s upcoming production
3)50% membership discount for other courses and movie tickets for Dr. Z’s upcoming theatrical releases.
Reel Asian Films ®, will be releasing 7 full features starting in 2019.

Additional info: www.ReelAsianFilms.comwww.imdb.com/name/nm7317781/


For Private training and certification with Dr.Z in LA and SF

for instructors, actors and professionals

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In the early 80’s I had the great fortune of studying with two of Sijo Bruce Lee’s top students, Sifu Ted Wong and Sifu Dan Inosanto.

There are rumors that I favored one Sifu over the other, this is NOT TRUE! I equally have the utmost respect for both of my esteemed Sifus, but in different ways.

Sifu Inosanto is one of the most knowledgeable masters that I have studied with, and is also a man of humanity and substance. I have grown in many aspects of my life because of his teachings. Even though his direct focus was not on the continuation of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, I have the utmost respect for his steadfast dedication to the promotion of the Filipino arts. At a time when the art was not yet firmly established and whoever championed it had to overcome opposition and disapproval, he successfully became one of the most authoritative figure in the art today. He also taught me what the power of dedication to personal conviction could accomplish. His contributions to the martial arts world are truly to be commended.

Sifu Wong was a man of honor and integrity. He was first and foremost loyal to our Sijo, the late Bruce Lee. He sought to preserve the high standards of JKD by selecting only quality students and not advertising publicly. He wanted the art of JKD, to remain non-commercialized, non-classical and non-“adulterated for the sake of wider distribution”. In his final years his wholehearted dedication to the art lead him to be inducted into the Black Belt Hame of Fame. And even though he is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in the hearts of all of his followers. I remember most what he once said to me: “Do not ask what JKD can do for you, but answer what you can do for JKD”. I have always kept that phrase alive in my heart and I am truly honored to have been a participant in his journey. Sifu, we love you forever, REST IN PEACE.