Year after year aspiring actors and actresses from around the world come to the mecca of film making seeking stardom only to endure the pain of starvation and rejection. If they wait long enough, they might get their big break. But in reality, few ever reach stardom, and most fall by the wayside. The consensus is that to succeed, you must first suffer. Sigung Bruce Lee was no exception. He was typecast, but refused to play stereotypical roles. He made sacrifices and finally became a world superstar… it was a pity he did not live long enough to enjoy the success.

Decades later, the Hollywood scene hasn’t changed much. All aspiring actors still go to auditions, cattlecalls and parties, hoping to climb the ladder of fame and fortune, mesmerized by the glamorous life. Within the acting community, tight-knit circles have developed to restrict the roles to a limited few. This exclusive mentality pervades the industry from the extras all the way up to the studio heads. I’ve seen the lives of martial arts colleagues destroyed by the allure of starring roles and false promises. Sadly, they have missed the true spirit of the martial way, allowing the temptations of stardom to drain their inner strength and soul.

A once-fluid man, cramped and distorted by the Hollywood mess. In order to succeed in Hollywood, one must set aside all distractions and negativity. Focus on every task at hand, leaving no stone unturned… as always, private victory precedes public victory.

– Dr Z.