December 2017

The Jeet Kune Do Experience


I have studied Jeet Kune Do with Dr. Z for over 3 months. I met him through a friend of mine who highly recommended Dr. Z. I knew almost nothing of JKD except that the late Bruce Lee had founded it. As I began the class I noticed that JKD was different from any martial [...]

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Jeet Kune Do fills the shoes


  In these highly evolved, and often volatile times in the world of martial arts, the practioner of any style eventually finds themselves at a curious, and often baffling, crossroads. During an individuals training, they find themselves questioning many principles which may not have presented themselves at the beginning of commitment to training. Unfortunately these [...]

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A once-fluid man, cramped and distorted by the Hollywood mess


Year after year aspiring actors and actresses from around the world come to the mecca of film making seeking stardom only to endure the pain of starvation and rejection. If they wait long enough, they might get their big break. But in reality, few ever reach stardom, and most fall by the wayside. The consensus [...]

A once-fluid man, cramped and distorted by the Hollywood mess2017-12-04T01:59:57+00:00