December 2017

The Boxer, The Fencer, and the Jeet Kune Do Fighter


Prior to studying Jeet Kune Do, it was my impression that the lead punching techniques came from Western Boxing. Having studied a little boxing, I had initally thought that JKD punching was the same as boxing. I now see it quite differently. The punching stretegy I was taught in boxing consist of using the lead [...]

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Do The Right Thing


Year after year the subject of Si-Gung Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do have hardly diminshed. There have been countless articles, videos, books and movies produced saying the same thing "Bruce is this,.....Bruce is that" There also have been numerous imitators of his face and likeness, actors naming themselves, Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Bruce Ly, [...]

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The Original JKD & JKD Concepts Training Regimen:


I first started my training in the Jeet Kune Do concept class in the early 80's and simultaneously participated in the Escrima class, which I will not cover.The JKD concepts class curriculum mainly consisted of basic stretching to music, leg lockouts, focus mitt training, football shield kicking, sparring and culminated with conditioning exercises. There were [...]

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November 2017

Common JKD Terminology and Drills


    ENGLISH CANTONESE ENGLISH CANTONESE Hand positioning Sao Fa To Hit Da Palm hand Tan Sao Fist Kune Resting hand Fok Sao Finger Jab Bil Jee Wing hand Bong Sao Straight punch  Jik Kune Jerk hand Jat Sao Straight Blast  Jik Chon Choy Grab hand Lap Sao To Intercept  Jeet Circle hand Hieu Sao [...]

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